Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New York Post Online Edition suggests that Jerry Springer may fill "Unfiltered" slot

Jerry Springer is currently in that time slot on his other stations, and he is trying to negotiate with Air America for a spot on the network. Air America is not commenting.

I know that the Unfiltered morning drivetime spot has been replaced by Morning Sedition in the Seattle market. I can still listen to Rachel Maddow on XM Radio while I'm in the car. I used to listen to Morning Sedition over the internet. It's nice to have the choice over the air. According to the AP as of two hours ago, this is now a firm deal. They don't say which slot, but the morning slot makes sense.

Nothing on the Air America site yet.

Update: Now officially confirmed on Air America site, and by Rachel Maddow on the air. Springer will start on April 1. Still not sure which local stations it will affect.


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