Help Me Get a Haircut!

OK, we won in 2008. I didn't get my haircut because my wife decided she likes my long hair.  But I do need a trim. (As of August, 2010).  And if the Republicans get back in office (or take over Congress) the country and the world will be in deeper shit than we are now.

So as we get seriously into the 2010 election cycle, we progressives have to stick together with the more conservative Democrats to make sure that the Republicans do not take charge of Congress.

History from 2008 and 2008

In the summer of 2004, in the middle of the Presidential election campaign, I swore a vow not to get a haircut until George Bush was out of office. We all know how that turned out, and here I am a couple of years later and my hair has grown down to the middle of my back.  If events don't intervene, it will probably be down to my ankles before I can get that haircut.

So I'm asked for your help.  The sequence of events to be sure than George W. Bush actually leaves office is not too complicated.  Basically, we needed to get Democrats elected to Congress in 2006.  And we did it! This page raised almost $1000 through our Act Blue Site. But we need to make sure that the gains made in 2006 are repeated in 2008 and lock the Democrats in for another 40 years or so, so we can restore the country and the world from the damage done by King George.

So I'm taking action to help things along and I need your help with the following steps:


More stuff coming soon!

The Bottom Line is:  We need to get Bush out of office so I can get a haircut, and I can't wait until 2009.