"We are here; we're not going away. We voted for change a few months ago.
We expect change. And if we don't get it, there's going to be more change." 
- Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.  (June 25, 2009)

Welcome to SinglePayerLinks.com and SinglePayerLinks.info.

Here you will find a compendium of links to web pages, web sites, blogs, and blog posts that discuss the issues related to Single payer Health Care.

I will admit that I am 100% in favor of Single Payer Health Care as the only viable solution to the Health Care Crisis that currently confronts us in 2009 (and has been present for many years).

I also know that you can find much information about and links to by using Search Engines such as Google. But you may not have the patience or the time to spend following links and in determining what may be the most important sites. So I will attempt to organize the links that I  find and include the more important ones closer to the top of this page. I plan to also include links to the opposition to Single Payer, but I will sort them out into a separate area so you can skip them if you want to--or jump directly to them, I guess, if you want to.

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HR3200 Bill is Introduced.

It's not single payer, but you can read the bill and response to it on Open Congress. There is a summary of HR3200 here [PDF].



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