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This site has no official connection with Air America Radio but is provided as a public service by its owner to help listeners find Air America Radio streams and related web pages.  Other pages will be added as needed to provide more information. Add this page to your links or favorites so you can easily link to Air America or to one of the streaming stations with a click.  Note:  some links require finding a listen link on the page you get by clicking from this page. Air America, KPOJ and WJNO now should open directly from this page. NOTE: AAR is now cutting off links after three hours to stop wasted streaming.  Our link currently doesn't time out, but please be considerate and log off when you are not listening.  They have also added a Windows Media Player stream which I have here.  If you have problems with it, make sure you have V9 or higher.

November 2013: Sign this petition to release the Kennedy Assasination records! Go here http://wh.gov/lZurV to sign the Whitehouse.gov Petition. We have until December 11 to qualify!

For more information and the book about it, go to http://thehiddenhistoryofthejfkassassination.com/

Or this article on Huffington Post by Thom Hartman and Lamar Waldron

Not new but: follow us on Twitter @earwicker23.


Nicole Sandler has posted a new site: Help the 99ers to promote communication and help for the long term unemployed, the 99ers. Added 12/27/2010.

Note: In support of the programming that was on Air America, I will be rebuilding this site to help you find your favorite shows. As of 1/23/2010, most of the shows that I listened to recently will survive, but you won't be able to stream them from Air America. To get this going faster, I'm going to forgo the old vertical format, which hadn't been updated anyway, and start a new format that will comprise a horizontal table.  So look for your show on the left column, with what information I have about it across the row. Right now I'm going to just push the old stuff down the page, and remove it later on.


Air America Alumni and links to their current situation:






Nicole Sandler http://radioornot.com/ http://radioornot.com/ http://twitter.com/nicolesandler   Streaming on web site, filling in for Randi Rhodes over the holidays (2010).
Jack Rice http://www.jackrice.org/   http://twitter.com/jackrice   Appears on MSNBC sometimes
Ron Reagan     http://twitter.com/RonReaganShow   No news as of Dec 2010. He has been doing gigs in Seattle area and perhaps others.
Ring of Fire http://ringoffireradio.com/blogengine/   http://twitter.com/ringoffireradio http://www.facebook.com/RingofFireRadio Will be syndicated by Westwood One.
Lionel Show http://lionelonline.com/bio.htm       He has appeared on Ed Shultz show on MSNBC as of December 2010.
Hollywood Clout       Hollywood Clout Found a show on a Chicago station but can't confirm that it is current as of September 2010.
Rachel Maddow


Can stream on XM Radio channel 120 while the TV show is on. [Subscripton required] http://twitter.com/maddow http://www.facebook.com/therachelmaddowshow MSNBC Evening News Program
Ed Schultz, Tom Hartman, Mike Malloy         Still broadcasting on their usual stations. Since they weren't Air America they aren't included in this chart.
Sam Seder Majority Report Majority Report


  Originally on the Majority Report on Air America, then the Sam Seder show. Also now on Ring of Fire (see above)
Kieth Olbermann    


  Not on Air America, but his show on MSNBC stopped 1 year after Air America did, and he is certainly in the spirit of Air America. He will be starting a new show on Current TV in June 2011
Steve Earle http://steveearle.com/ Now on XM/Sirus:

Saturdays 9pm ET

Rebroadcasts: Sundays 9am ET, Mondays 1am ET, Tuesdays 8 pm ET, and Thursdays 12 am ET.

SIRIUS XM Outlaw Country (Sirius 63, XM 12)


    Has a new book and record out in Spring 2011."I'll never get out of this world alive"
Book: From Amazon.com
Record: From Amazon.com


The old page and associated links is still here, but many of the links are probably no good as they were put in place in 2004.

More Stream Links click here: 

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Weekday Schedule

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KPTK WJNO* KCAA AirAmerica AirAmerica


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Satellite Media Player Media Player Media Player Real_Player Real_Player
12 M 11 10 9   The usual right or centrist talk shows from various people.    
1 12 M 11 10      
2 1 12 M 11        
3 2 1 12 M    
4 3 2 1      
5 4 3 2      
6 5 4 3 Lionel?   Stephanie Miller    
7 6 5 4    
8 7 6 5    
9 8 7 6 Thom Hartmann Ed Shultz Thom Hartmann    
10 9 8 7    
11 10 9 8    
12 N 11 10 9     Ed Shultz    
1 12 N 11 10    
2 1 12 N 11    
3 2 1 12 N Ron Reagan Thom Hartmann Ron Reagan Randi Rhodes    
4 3 2 1      
4 3 2  
6 5 4 3        
7 6 5 4   Mike Maloy The usual right or centrist talk shows from various people.    
8 7 6 5
9 8 7 6
10 9 8 7          
11 10 9 8    
12 Mid 11 10 9    
1 12 Mid 11 10 A        

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Capsule 11/8/2008 See Maron v Seder on AAR Site. Randi is still on NovaM Radio and local stations.
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Clout with Richard Green  


Ron Reagan Show



Rachel Maddow Show

Radio Nation with Laura Flanders


Status 11/8/2008 Still on the Air Now on NovaM and has a 2 hr slot on XM 167. Rachel has a new show on MSNBC--getting top ratings. You can usually here the previous nights MSNBC show on the second hour or her AAR Show. Still here on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully RFK, Jr. will be in the Obama adminstration. Still on AAR. Noon Saturday on Seattle 1090.
Status 7/4/08 Still on the Air Now on NovaM Radio Rachel is still on AAR 6-8 pm ET. Still Here on Saturday afternoon Now called Radio Nation, 1 hour on Weekend
Status 9/18/06 Still on the air but hating AAR. Fired by AAR last month. Long Gone but Rachel will on in Evenings
Jerry Spring now sydicated and replaced by Sam Seder on standard stream.
Still here on Saturday afternoon Now called Radio Nation, Still here on Saturday and Sunday afternoons
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Show Reviews (by me) [in no particular order -- updated February 2009]

Randi Rhodes

After several years of listening, I have basically quit listening to Randi.  I got a little tired of her impatience with certain callers.   She still does the best rant of any of the left shows that I have listened to, although Mike Malloy is giving her a run for the money. 

Ed Shultz (Not Air America)

Another Almost-Minnesotan trying to take over the world (he's from Fargo, just across the line).  I hear rumors that he used to be a Republican, but I'm glad he's seen the light, since to win the election this year we'll need to get a bunch of Republicans to see the light.  Big Ed and Tank (his sidekick) are into sports and into the Midwest, a place I've only lived for a year and that was a few years back.  My ex-wife came from Lake Wobegon (the town had a different name but it was Lake Wobegon) and my sister lives in North Dakota, so I understand a little bit about that part of the country.  Let's put it this way--Big Ed is no Garrison Keillor. Now that he's moved to Washington, some of those country ways may morph into something different.

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Other Links

These links are generally not linked from Air America, but are sites you should visit.

  • American War Crimes Links
  • Jim Hightower
  • Michael Moore
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 Box Office Records -- Sicko Box Office Records -- Capitalism a Love Story Box Office Records
  • Robert Anton Wilson has died.  The link is not dead. All Hail Discordia!
  • Thom Hartman (Non-AirAmerica Liberal Talk Show)
  • Black Box Voting
  • Paul Krassner
  • Truthout
  • Democratic Underground
  • Arianna Huffington
  • Working for Change
  • Axis of Logic
  • BuzzFlash - lots of links
  • The Memory Hole for those lost things
  • q2112.com A bit extreme from my perspective but should be read.
  • Hannity Sucks
  • GNN.TV
  • DemocracyforAmerica
  • Dr Pollkatz
  • Worldchanging
  • Dieoff.org
  • The Nation: The Online Beat
  • Ironic Times
  • Oreilly-Sucks
  • The liberal alternative 
to Drudge. - a startup site advertised as "The Liberal Alternative to Drudge"

  • Here_in_Reality

  • Most Liberal Senator?

  • Countering Kerry Misrepresentation in the Media

  • FAIR

  • Eve of the Ballot Cartoon

  • Common Dreams

  • Environmental News Network

  • HinesSight - The Anti-Drudge

  • Books to Read

    These are all books I have read or am reading.  Note: during the spring and summer of 2005 many of these books have been coming out in Trade paper.  Check that out when you get to Amazon via the link.

    As of April 2007, most of these links are very old.  I've moved on to lots of other books but have been too busy reading and doing other things to link them.  And besides which, current events are more exciting that the damn books right now.  Go read a blog!

  • Wealth and Democracy by Kevin Phillips
  • The Best Democracy Money can Buy by Greg Palast
  • Stupid White Men by Michael Moore
  • Black Box Voting by Bev Harris
  • American Dynasty by Kevin Phillips
  • Against All Enemies by Richard Clark
  • Worse than Watergate by John Dean
  • Dude, Where's my Country! by Michael Moore
  • House of Bush House of Saud by Craig Unger
  • Fanatics and Fools by Arianna Huffington
  • Stand Up Fight Back by EJ Dionne
  • The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock
  • The Great Unraveling by Paul Krugman
  • The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast
  • and more are coming out daily. (that I haven't read yet)
  • such as: Dick: The Man Who Is President by John Nichols
  • The Halliburton Agenda by Dan Briody
  • Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President
  • Bush Must Go: The Top Ten Reasons Why George Bush Doesn't Deserve a Second Term
  • Thanks to Bill S. for some of the links.

    Important Blogs & Sites


    Political Links

    Spend your money here, when the new (2010) Cycle starts:

    Spend your money and volunteer here, all the time:

    Political Sites and Blogs:

    Help fix our Broken Election System (and it is still broken, even though we won in 2008)


    Conventional NEWS Links

    Real News Links

    Other BLOGS

    Pacific Northwest Blogs

    My Blogs

    Progressive Video Sites and Links



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    Non AirAmerica Program Schedules and Links

    [Update coming one of these days] It takes a lot of research to keep up with the liberal/left talk shows, and I'm concentrating on Air America links, which are relatively easy to find using known sites and Google.  When I come across left/liberal streaming sites and links, I'll include the information here--but make no guarantees about the validity or currency of the links.  However, I will accept corrections at info@airamericalinks.com .

    Time Zone


    Other Link Pages for Liberal/Left Talk Shows
  • Make Them Accountable - Link Page to "Unconservative" Talk Show Sites
  • Internet Radio for the Left - not recently updated but lots of links
  • Radical Radio - sampling of non AAR audio programs.
  • Democracy Radio - Syndicated and local links.
  • RadioPower.org - Progressive Radio including Mike Malloy
  • RadiofreeAmerica.info
  • Raw Radio from Raw Story & Brad Blog
  • Important Non-AirAmerica Shows

    EDT CDT MDT PDT Sirius Radio 143    


    12 Mid 11 10 9      
    1 12 Mid 11 10      
    2 1 12 Mid 11 The Young Turks
    3 2 1 12 Mid    
    4 3 2 1    
    5 4 3 2 Wall Street Reports    
    6 5 4 3 Doug Stephens Good Day    
    7 6 5 4    
    8 7 6 5    
    9 8 7 6    
    10 9 8 7    
    11 10 9 8    
    12 Noon 11 10 9 Thom Hartman

    Lynn Samuels

    1 12 Noon 11 10    
    2 1 12 Noon 11    
    3 2 1 12 Noon Ed Schultz    
    4 3 2 1    
    5 4 3 2    
    6 5 4 3 The Young Turks    
    7 6 5 4    
    8 7 6 5    
    9 8 7 6 All American Talk Radio    
    10 9 8 7 Alan Colmes    
    11 10 9 8    
    12 Mid 11 10 9    
    1 12 Mid 11 10    

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